ISO quality management system

To satisfy our customers, ARTEC has got quality management system ISO9001. Based on continuous quality improvement, ARTEC is striving for authentic customer satisfaction by providing reliable packaging material.

Quality policy

  • ・Quality policy of our sanitary division
  • “As specialized distributor for packaging based on plastic material, we provide superior service based on three S (Seikaku(correctness), Sinnrai(Trust), Speed) and aim for responding customer’s request and continuous improvement
  • ・Establish goal for quality
  • Manager establishes goal for quality based on quality policy every year.
    With that goal, employees in sanitary department establish each goal, pursue and report the result.
  • Quality Policy Goal for quality
  • Correctness No Error
  • TrustShorten response time
  • SpeedConfirm before delivery

1st Aug 2001(Date of revision)
President Toshio Katayama