ISO environmental management system

To reduce the impact against global environment as less as possible, ARTEC has got environment management system ISO14001. We strive for reminding environmental awareness to all employees, environmental preservation and effective use of environmental resource.

Environmental policy

ARTEC defines the environmental policy as below.

  • 1.As specialized distributor for packaging based on plastic material, we strive for fulfilling social responsibility and improving environmental preservation by considering and focusing the matters as below which are occurred in business activities.
  • 1)Energy saving
  • ①Reduce electricity consumption
  • 2)Resource saving
  • ①Reduce purchasing paper
  • ②Reduce the number and amount of return products.
  • ③Reduce return product by quality problem
  • ④Proper management of specification book (Prevention waste of resources and pollution)
  • 3)Promote sustainable procurement
  • 4)Proper management of industrial waste
  • 5)Suggest and sale products of environmental load reduction.
  • 2.Build environmental management system following ISO14001, conduct internal audit, review the system and try continuous improvement.
  • 3.Follow environmental related laws and regulations applying to business operation.
  • 4.To achieve this environmental policy, define and operate “environmental objective and goal”, and review to improve regularly
  • 5.Build, operate and sustain environmental management system. Provide environmental education to all employees working for ARTEC to remind environmental policy.
  • 6.This policy is mentioned in environmental management manual, and disclosed if requested from outside.

25st Dec 2009(Date of revision)
President Toshio Katayama