Corporate philosophy



We, ARTEC CO., LTD, have worked for our customers as distributor specialized for flexible packaging since 1952.
Although we are small-scaled fabless company, we are striving for providing best solutions with great flexibility.
Also, we have many cooperators all over the world. Due to the network with them, we can provide continuous suggestions such as development of new flexible packaging and eco-friendly products and cost reduction.
In addition, we’re conducting quality improvement activity focusing around ISO management system since our mission is continuous provide high quality products to our precious customers.
We wish you regard us as not only “distributor” but also “your neighbor”

Origin of our symbol

Our company name “ARTEC” derives from “ART” + “TECHNOLOGY”.
Our “ART” means development and imagination. Our “TECHNOLOGY” means high-skill and energetic action.
Our goal is operating business mixing these words together.
Our symbol called “DYNAMIC A”, piled with foundation made by predecessors and knowledge and vitality by people in the present day and future, is describing “DYNAMIC” jump to further future.